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TILTWATCH PLUS Damage Indicators
TILTWATCH PLUS Damage Indicators<br> 20/package Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 24114
Price: $45.80
Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds
TiltWatch Plus with Companion Label 20/Package
Tiltwatch Technical Information
Attach the Tiltwatch Plus directly to a package's exterior surface to monitor the care-in-handling of any shipment or other product movement situation. Applied in the same fashion as a peel-and-stick pressure sensitive label, Tiltwatch Plus is actually three separate registers in a single indicator unit, measuring just 4.63" x 4.63"x .25" thick. One register indicates starting angle. The second register indicates exact angular amount of tilt endured and the third register indicates whether or not the unit was completely inverted (total overturn). Together the three registers of a Tiltwatch Plus indicator unit provide inexpensive 360° tilt monitoring for the entire duration of the shipping period and an unalterable record of damaging incidents.

The simple presence of ShockWatch's Tiltwatch Plus unit serves to lower the incidents of rough handling, and provides documented proof for damage claims when required. The indicator units measure angles of container tilt in 10 degree increments from vertical plumb (with a guaranteed accuracy within 5 degrees). Unit construction features non-magnetic stainless steel register balls in a clear PTE housing and are certified to operate accurately within temperature tolerances from -40°F to +140°F at 5% to 99% humidity.

The Tiltwatch Plus is a transportation monitor for sensitive items such as precious artwork, statues, large furniture, electrical appliances, heavy machinery, servers, batteries, photocopiers, HAZMAT containers, chemical tanks, and other delicate or dangerous product containers.

How the Tiltwatch Plus Program Works
The procedure for using Tiltwatch Plus is as follows:
A Tiltwatch Plus label is affixed to the exterior of each carton that contains tilt vulnerable goods and should follow the following monitoring cycle. In addition, the maximum tilt angle allowed should be noted on the companion label.
All shipments bearing a label should additionally be identified with a companion label, and an alert sticker or notification on the bill of lading.
In the event the carton is tipped beyond acceptable handling limits, the indicator ball bearing will move from its original position to position that indicates the exact level of tilt.
Once in this state, the monitor cannot be altered, thus providing you with a permanent indication that a tilt has occurred beyond a desired level during transit.
Those cartons delivered with the Tiltwatch Plus in its original position normally indicate a safe trip. However, those shipments that arrive with the indicator ball bearing in a different position from the companion label should note on the billing of lading, and inspect the product for possible damage. In all cases, standard procedures for claims should be followed.

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