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   Tip N Tell and Drop N Tell
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Package Damage Indicators

When It comes to "Package Damage Indicators" we try to offer you as many options as possible. Whether it is Tipped, Dropped or Struck from multiple directions ...We can help!
See the links to the products in the list of links to the left of this page.

For products to indicate that your package has been tipped or dropped, we offer choices from,
"Tip N Tell" and "Drop N Tell"plus the full line of "IOG Products Devices"
As well as the "Shockwatch" and "Tiltwatch XTR" products.
We are still adding IOG Products items to our website so if you don't see an item your looking for listed yet, Please ask!

When it comes to products that indicate your product has been tipped consider this... At first glance it seems that the products from these two sources do the same thing. However, each individual product has it's strong and weak points. For example, the Tip N Tell and the Tiltwatch would seem to do the same thing- Indicate that your package has been tipped. But they begin to display signs of tipping at different degrees.

The Tip N Tell will show evidence of tipping at a few degrees of tilt. Takeoff angles on planes (airfreight) is enough to show some signs of tilt in some cases.

The Tiltwatch XTR doesn't indicate until a package has been tipped almost 80 degrees.

The Tiltwatch Plus will show if your package has been tipped either right or left (along one axis) in 10 degree increments as well as if it was turned completely over.

When it comes to products that indicate your product has been dropped consider this...
The Shockwatch and the Shockwatch Clip products do a great job and because of their design will indicate that a package has been dropped along any axis as long as they are applied properly.
Here is a PDF of the mounting instructions and suggested uses for the different Shockwatch ranges.
Click here to download a PDF of the Shockwatch mounting instructions.
If you know the dimensions and weight of your shipment, this PDF will help in your selection.
Click here to download a PDF of the Shockwatch selection guide.
Shockwatch does not offer the option of being reset. This means that they are always activated and can be accidently triggered before you ever attach them to your package. Sometimes they even trigger in transit to you.
Please note that although we carry all of the Shockwatch G ranges, because of the extreme sensitivity of the L-55 (Purple 37G) and the L65 (Yellow 25G) Shockwatch Labels as well as the 37G and under Shockwatch Clips, these products cannot be shipped without special handling considerations! Be prepared to order a minimum of 200 on these 2 G ranges because in most cases these 2 more sensitive G range Shockwatch must be shipped by truck. Contact us with your needs!

The Drop N Tells on the other hand are available in 2 different versions and 6 different G ranges from 5 to 100 G's.
The Resettable version can be reset reliably up to 50 times using a straightened paper clip. This means that even if they are accidently triggered in transit to you, they are easily reset.
The Non-Resettable cannot be triggered until after they have been physically activated at the time you attach them to your package. This means that all the G ranges can be shipped economically. Because of their design, they also only reliably activate along one axis so you may need to apply them on more than one axis for full coverage. They also are offered in more and lower G ranges. There is a more detailed description when you go to the actual Drop N Tell section of the shopping cart.
Click here to download a PDF of the Drop N Tell brochure and selection guide.

The Shockwatch MAG 2000 is an alternative for indicating excessive shock to large items. It is able to be reset and are available as low as .5 G's

If you need to make changes to your order; Please click on the "Basket Contents" link in the Blue menu bar at the top of the page. You will be able to make your changes there.
Email Us at Sales@apakinc.com

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